How to request specific assistance

We can assist from the time you book, check-in and during your flight. The more information we have in relation to your specific needs, the better we can help you.

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Booking flights

If you or someone you’re booking travel for needs specific assistance during the flight, there are three methods of booking:

  • online (our preferred booking method),
  • Contact us for bookings requiring specifc needs assistance or
  • with a travel agent.

If you book by phone with Qantas directly (instead of online) and you advise the Qantas representative that you can't book online because of a disability, you will not be charged the phone booking fee.

Requesting specific assistance

If you’ve booked your flight online or through a travel agent, then you or your travel agent will need to call us to arrange any of the types of specific assistance listed on this page:

  • Contact us for assistance with your specific needs

Note: If you require wheelchair mobility assistance, you can submit a wheelchair assistance request.

Make sure you read the relevant information if you wish to book oxygen or a stretcher and contact Special Handling before your travel:

  • Call: +61 2 8222 2651
  • Fax: +61 2 9490 1830
  • Or email.

We recommend you give us as much information about your specific needs as possible at the time of booking and at other times when you contact us. We ask, but don’t require, that you provide this information by using the Qantas let us assist you (PDF) brochure.

Types of specific assistance

Please let us know what level of assistance you require, and whether you're travelling alone or with a carer, and whether any medical assistance will be required.

You can let us know what level of assistance you need by referencing the following recognised IATA airport codes: 

WCHR - wheelchair ramp:

  • you need assistance due to the distance to or from the aircraft eg between check-in and boarding
  • you can make your own way within the aircraft cabin to or from your seat.

WCHS - wheelchair step:

  • you need assistance due to the distance to or from the aircraft, eg between check-in and boarding
  • you can't ascend or descend steps unassisted
  • can make your own way within the aircraft cabin to or from your seat.

WCHC - wheelchair cabin:

  • you are immobile within the aircraft cabin and may require assistance with transfer into or out of the aircraft seat
  • you travel with a mobility aid such as a manual or battery powered wheelchair.

About your mobility aid

If you are travelling with a mobility aid, you'll ned to tell us:

  • the type of mobility aid you are travelling with (manual or battery powered),
  • if the mobility aid is battery powered, what type of battery is used non spillable (sealed lead acid, dry cell, gel cell), spillable or lithium ion battery),
  • whether the mobility aid is collapsible, and
  • the dimensions (in adjusted or disassembled state) and the weight of the mobility aid.

Let us assist you

The let us assist you (PDF) brochure provides a summary of useful information for you, as well as information that you are likely to be asked at booking and/or on the day of travel.