Buriram House For Sale 2019

Mr. Pichai has three brand new beautiful two story homes for sale in the premier Housing Estate near Robinson Mall at Lively Homes. See Mr. Pichai | Mr. Moses Lopez | Bob Manthey to schedule an appointment to see inside any of these three homes. They have never had tenants and are ready to move into. Fully outfitted to the highest standards including Mr. Ken Ceiling Fans | Granite Counter Tops | beautiful custom woodworking. The Lively Homes Estate offers a swimming pool and recreational center.  Mr. Bob is relocating to a village home on Highway 2226 and has listed for sale an energy saving home in the center of Satuk on a private concrete road. 

website with details on ZERO Interest Home loan for qualified buyer with significant down payment

Six Bathrooms | Swimming Pool | Five Bedrooms | Home Theater | Large interior western style kitchen | fully tiled exterior Thai Kitchen. 

Below Satuk Buriram House for sale