Buriram, Thailand Map with Landmarks 2018

Convenient Covered parking near the front door in Buriram, Thailand. The rear loading dock for larger orders is covered. No white gloved parking lot attendants,  but the largest selection of Discounted Baton, Bosch, DeWALT, Grundfos, Hitachi, Makita, Stanley, Pigeon, Maktec, Mitsubishi, Puma Air Compressors, Power Tools and Water Pumps. Over 1000 water pumps in stock, over 1000 name brand power tools in stock all at DISCOUNT prices.
 This Buriram "Tool Tips" map indicates current landmarks. Diamond Reinforced Lintels Q-Con Autoclaved Aerated Concrete are outside with building materials, Lawn Mowers, T.P. Valve ANA NATURAL Garden Tap, Bathroom Faucets, Pure Water FiltersWater Tanks, Septic TanksConcrete Mixers, Water Pumps and Power Tools are inside the large warehouse store, all at DISCOUNT prices. Only six minutes from the Buriram Romantic Pizza RESTAURANT in Buriram, Thailand. Directly across Highway 2074 from the Buriram Provincial Electricity Authority Office Building. 

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