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Qantas Curates

We're taking art to the sky with Qantas Curates. Showcasing the work of 16 talented Australian artists, take home your own piece of art with our Qantas amenity kits, available in International Business on selected Qantas flights.

Showcasing Australian art

Look out for two new designs released every few months each telling a uniquely Australian story through the hands of home grown talent. Hear from the artists themselves about their work and inspiration.   

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Current artists

Explore our two current designs, learn about the artists who designed them and their inspiration for these pieces.

Gypsy Floral

Bonnie and Neil

Bonnie and Neil is the creation of Melbourne-based real life partners Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie. Known for their vibrant ranges of unique screen printed products, Bonnie and Neil incorporate botanical motifs, bright patterns and the occasional nod to Australiana culture into their designs.

Adas’ Algorithm

Kate Banazi

Sydney-based artist Kate Banazi was born in London and studied at the prestigious Central St Martins. Her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful, with bold colour and graphic elements a key reference. 

Meet our other artists

Discover the range of artists, their designs and find out why they've chosen their particular piece to feature as part of our Qantas Curates collection.

I love the people
amenity kit and eyemask

Rachel Castle

Rachel loves having a bit of fun. Based in Sydney, her whimsical, instantly recognisable artworks take the form of paintings, screen prints and fabric embroidery. Her style pops with visual energy and colour with a focus on type-based embroideries. 

Black Water

Tom Blachford

Tom is a young Melbourne-based photographer with a way of connecting the familiar with the surreal — rendering functional, man-made structures into a strange and beautiful dream that occupy the space between reality and fantasy. 

Maaate - men’s amenity kit

Jon Campbell

With a career that spans almost 30 years beginning with figurative painting, this Melbourne-based artist's work now explores the visual potential of words with a cheeky take on Australian popular culture and a healthy dose of humour.

'There's something particular about the way Australians' pronounce words. We have a habit of draaaging the word out. My 'Maaate' design accentuates this idea by adding the extra A's'.


Megan Weston

Barwon Heads-based artist Megan Weston is renowned for her large aerial abstract works. Experimenting with perspective and pigment drenched colour, her art explores landscapes, reflecting beauty in the present, light and hope.

Hamilton Island 2014

Nicole Warne

Nicole is one of Australia’s leading digital influencers, boasting a global audience of over 2.3 million followers. She's highly regarded in the fields of fashion, digital and social media and e-commerce, collaborating with brands as a creative director, social media and brand consultant, digital strategist and influencer. 


Lucy Simpson

Lucy Simpson is a Sydney-based artist and designer with a focus on sharing aspects of country and contemporary South Eastern Aboriginal culture. She is the Director and Principle Designer at The Gaawaa Miyay studio.

North Avoca #2, 2016

Luke Shadbolt

Luke is a young photographer from New South Wales. Having grown up by the ocean, Luke has an innate interest in story-telling through image-making. His work focuses on travel, lifestyle and fashion but specialises in water photography. 

No Queen Blues / Unwind

Liam Snootle

Liam is a Melbourne based artist known for his distinctive geometric forms and meticulous line work. With a background in street art, Liam’s practice has more recently developed to include works on canvas, which has been exhibited both domestically and internationally.

Bubblegum Dystopia

Jacob Leary

Jacob’s practice spans a range of mediums including painting, prints and installation. In 2012 Jacob completed a Masters of Fine Arts at the Hobart School of Art, creating a multimedia installation exploring the exponential growth of technology in contemporary culture.

Lirrun Tjukurrpa

Myra Yurtiwa Cooke (dec)

Myra Cooke was born at Kartjinguku Creek between Warakurna and Tjukurla in the East Gibson Desert, Western Australia. As a child she travelled with her family through her father’s country near Kulail, Tjukurla, Docker River and Warakurna. Her mother remarried and the family began to move westward into her step-father’s country near Wanarn and then to Warburton Mission. Myra worked with the Warburton Art Project before she began to paint with Warakurna Artists in mid 2005.

Fairy Bread
Fairy bread kit and eye mask

Billie Justice Thomson

Melbourne-based artist, Billie Justice Thomson’s work reflects her obsession with the kitsch, nostalgic and iconic food imagery. Billie’s work can be found in restaurants, shop windows and signage across Melbourne.

'The Fairy Bread painting was just a nod to the classic Australian party food from many of our childhoods'.

Important information

Qantas Curates amenity kits available on all Qantas international flights in Business, with the exception of all flights to Noumea and Port Moresby, and to New Zealand that fall outside of the hours of 2200 to midnight. Amenity kits subject to availability.