Buriram Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

In Buriram Thailand you can price the cost per cubic meter of ready mixed concrete from Thai Pride Cement Co | Asia Cement | Siam City Cement Public Company | CEMEX | TPI Polene Public Company | or SCG Cement Co. often called CPAC Concrete. All six of these reputable major Cement companies belong to the Thailand Cement Manufactures Association and have manufacturing plants located in Sariburi. The cement mix is then shipped to Buriram and batched by the local Ready Mix Dealer who will show the cement brand name on the Silo of the Buriram Batching Plant.

Ruangsangthai Builders Merchants located on the Buriram – Phutthaisong Highway 2074, directly across from the Buriram four story office building of the Provincial Electricity Authority currently operates a new state of the art computer controlled cement batching plant. Ruangsangthai currently has a well maintained fleet of nine UD and two Hino six cubic meter Ready Mix Concrete Delivery Trucks to serve selected villages, farm properties, towns, amphurs, and cities in and near Buriram. Most often a Buriram House Builder or Buriram Home Owner will specify if they wish to order 180 KSC | 210 KSC | 240 KSC | 280 KSC | 300 KSC concrete depending on the aspect of building a house in Buriram. Ruansangthai has a native English speaking employee as well as over 200 Thai speaking staff to assist you in Buriram.

At the heart of the new batching plant is the Rapid R3000 Pan mixer, with an output of 3m3. Ruangsangthai specified two discharge doors on this mixer and this allows the next truck to already be in position so that the plant can work efficiently. The batching plant itself is controlled using the PIL Dynamix System. This system is one of the most efficient and versatile systems on the market and allows the Ruangsangthai Management to access and monitor all of the production data. The plant also has two 80 ton silos installed by R. S. Construction of Buriram. Along with printed batch reports to assure quality control with each truck load, we also check incoming aggregates for quality assurance. We store all incoming aggregates separately, control moisture content, and run periodic testing on our standard concrete mixes. The batch scales are certified and calibrated twice a year.

Cement silos and new computer controlled batching plant in Buriram in the July 2016 photo above

A variety of admixtures such as accelerator, water reducer, retarder, plasticizer, fiber, and others can be ordered with ready mix from our new Buriram concrete batch plant, and concrete color is also available upon request. Ruangsangthai batch every load with the newest automated batch plant in Buriram Province, but we also ensure that it is delivered in a professional manner in our fleet of three trucks, combined with a high-capacity batch plant means that we have the capacity to service your house building job in and near Muang Buriram. Ruangsangthai is a family owned and operated business where you are buying the concrete direct from the exclusive Thai Pride Cement Co ready mix distributor in Buriram Province. We strive to provide the absolute highest level of customer service. By using mined aggregates and sand in our concrete, Ruangsangthai Ready Mix can distinguish itself from the competition by avoiding the use of sand and aggregates from river or foreign sources. Our state of the art, fully computerized batch plant and proven mix designs, guarantee a consistent mix each and every time. Whether it is a small 5 cubic meter driveway project or a nine cubic meter per hour foundation pour, you can choose from our standard KSC mixes or one of the many commercial strength mixes to get the job done. There are firms with more delivery trucks in Buriram for extraordinary large pours.

You are provided a slump test at your Buriram Ready Mix Concrete building site. The Thai pride Cement Company was founded by the Italian -Thai Development Public Company Limited, a premier Bangkok Based construction firm who have built modern apartment buildings, airports, hospitals and hotels in Thailand. Ruangsangthai is proud to work with Thai Pride Cement Company on this new phase of providing Buriram House Builders with top quality house building materials at the lowest delivered cost in Buriram Province. The owner of Ruangsangthai would be delighted to give you a guided tour of the new ready mix batching plant at Ruangsangthai in Buriram.

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